Annie Turbin Designs
Turning a Dream Into Reality.

I’m totally in love with fashion, always was and always will be. I’m driven to design, and I believe that color rules the day. Because my mother’s father was a tailor, she had a fantastic foundation and eye for design and quality. During our frequent shopping trips, she would consistently call out details most people would miss, whether that be an intriguing color combo, attention to a luscious fabric, or even a missed stitch! My father, a radiologist by day, still made plenty of time for creative endeavors including cooking and carpentry. My mother’s paintings and lithographs line the walls of our home to this day.

I was a born musician. After college I moved to Los Angeles and worked as a freelance musician. I was constantly on the hunt for great stage clothes. The first time I touched a paint brush to fabric I was completely hooked, totally in love. A month later at a 4th of July party, a woman asked me where I got my dress. When I told her that I had made it myself, she and four other women whipped out their checkbooks. The next day I started my business.

As a young girl and teenager, the main thing I wanted to wear was a great shirt. A tee shirt, a cozy sweater, or a casual sweatshirt… It had to be something I could just pull on. I love feeling like I look great, however I hate the feeling of being too dressed up. The thing I hear over and over from women is that they love wearing one of my tee shirts, and throwing on the matching scarf brings their outfit to a whole new level, without that feeling of being too dressed up, too done. Looking completely amazing while feeling casual.

My philosophy is completely in sync with that fashion sensibility that Californians do so well. Blue jeans and diamonds- love the way they look together. Annie Turbin Designs has established a dynamic vision, motivated by the goal to always create sophisticated, high quality designs, always with emphasis on hand done processes. We employ a wide variety of dyeing techniques which include hand dyeing, hand printing, hand painting. Making the garments and process as sustainable as possible. Utilizing fabric mills in the USA, predominantly in California. Manufactured exclusively in California. All handmade. Made In USA.

Annie Turbin Dress
The Dress That Started It All.